30 September 2009

Is silence really Golden??? or is it Olden??

Silence is Golden.... how many times haven't we heard this adage of ancient times..even in different lingos... But is it really as golden at all times?? possibly not....

Certainly "silence is golden" at times. There are times when silence pays rich dividends. Solomon said: "The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; the one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin". Surely the kind of silence here advised, the control of one's tongue, is "golden" indeed. Silence is certainly "golden" when compared to speaking evil. How wonderfully "golden" the "silence" would be if all whispering, gossip, backbiting, lying, slander and such like could be forever stopped. Perhaps all of us need to give more attention to our speech...

"Silence is golden" also when one is restrained and careful in her speech. There are times when one can say more by being silent. Too many times we may be guilty of saying too much. The multiplicity of words is much in evidence today. No doubt Solomon had reference to such when he wrote "He who restrains his words has knowledge... (and) even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is counted prudent." It must be agreed that there are times when "silence is golden"........

well, lets try a paradoxical view too......something everyone we really talk to our neighbors..? Is silence so much more important than being social? Or is silence much more worth than exchange of knowledge... Is staying silent any good when you are with your loved ones...with your family , with your friends? ... Is that why god made humans the most verbose creature on the planet... ? Probably not :D

The main purpose speech serves is interaction between individuals to exchange information which boosts your knowledge. The knowledge may be good or bad, worthy or worthless, and is left to the individual.Information becomes worthy to a person depending on what concerns him the most. I believe one learns more through a conversation with their acquaintances than anywhere else.. when your mind is at ease , not under any pressure, it grasps information much better.. its only a matter of what part of the conversation is one interested in. You are interested in it,you take it, not your slice of pie, you forget it. Its as simple as that. n thats the only place you ought to remain silent these days... when you are not interested :D... n like King Solomon said " Look Wise".. :P So, Speech is a very important element in expressing ideas and feelings. If you want to make people understand you , speak out.

Here's a poem , i really like:

Silence is not golden

When something should be said.

The truth should always be spoken

Even when we would rather suppress it,

Because we fear someone would be hurt.

There is a way to say whatever should be heard,

Especially when the loud voice of lies

Is quickly spreading its words.

Speak up! Tell the truth!

Humbly, calmly share what you know.

Then watch, listen, as the loud voice of lies

Retreats into silence.

To put in simple words,when u want to say some thing , to share something,do it. Silence no longer remains golden.. when u want to tell people u care for, u do care for them.. or when there is truth to be told..... LIES shud be silenced n nothing else..... :D


Chaari said...

Well its a nice attempt maya ... good one . What i feel is being "silent " depends on the individual and if one knows how to talk & wat to talk with different set of people around him/her, then i wont advice him to take a dose of this blog . Definitely not for me :P

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