04 July 2009

No raY oF sUnshINE ....

Ever imagined a day in ur childhood or even now, where u hav never stepped out in the sunshine for the whole day??? u may say what a dumb question way !!wudn't stay indoors even if it meant having a tantrum with your parents , right? .... hmm, even i'd do the same.... but , what if staying inside is inevitable.... confused,huh? .. well, i'll explain..... here's a story i heard , dat deeply moved me n kinda changed me as a person ,to be more stronger in character.
I'll tell u this story about a li'l gal. she comes out to the grass to dance just as the setting sun turns the red bluffs surrounding her home to cool shades of purple and lavender-grey. As she leaps thru the shadows in her bare feet, 11 year old PARIS,watches for the stars to appear and the moon to rise. When asked , she explains " when the moon is out its safe for me to come out...". she hasn't seen the beauty of a sunrise or felt the warmth of sunshine on her face for a real long tym now..In short, Paris isn't like other children, She is a child of the night.This 11 year old sweet heart has got 'X.P'.... not windows-XP guys.... Its short for Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare genetic condition that prevents sun-damaged skin cells from repairing themselves..if steps haven't been taken to avoid UV light , this cud even lead to skin cancer.
This is a cruel disease.... really .. requiring those who hav it to spend most of their lives behind shuttered windows that have been sheilded from sunlight entering them.
Paris, " the city of lights", but that shudn't have meant that this gal shud see only lights at night... the young kid..deprived of all the fun n frolic in her life of playing outdoors... going to the beaches....she's just left to watch the other kids play in the frontyard through the shutters of her windows...
Even then she leads a happy life at night , to say, in moonlight... she knows whats good for her and she must do whatever is needed of her.She knows that in the years to come , she shud attend a night school or hav a personal tutor, her profession whatever that may be should be at night shifts and she is ready to live with it at this very tender age.
Well,doesn't that ring a bell in your head ?? ...Just look at the optimism and courage she's got so early in life..most ppl lack it even if they are twice or thrice her age... we definitely have to learn a most important lesson of life from Paris... To go on however difficult the path may try again however difficult the task may be... to hav a backup of courage n strength that never gets depleted ... To see light even in the dark night , as she is doing now ....


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