29 November 2009

"Know Ye not that ye are Gods??"

"Know ye not that ye are Gods?" ... " The kingdom of Gods resides within you".....

Reminds me of my school days , when we used to listen to the quotes from the Holy scriptures each day after our prayers. As kids, never have we knew what it actually meant. In simple terms it says, " We are God"... But How can it be true? Our kiddish thoughts asked us," if we really are God, why pray everyday to some other God?".. we could never make the head or tail of that quote.So, we would leave it at that saying , " We'll have to be old enough to understand all these stuff ".

These two lines which happen to be the essence of Dan Brown's new Novel,"The Lost Symbol", kept me pondering over my childhood dilemma.

The above two lines, pops up not only in Bible ,but in all holy scriptures..Following are some evidence I could relate to:

Doesn't Shankaracharya advocate, "Aham Brahmasmi"??.He says the world is just an illusion that humans have woven with their minds and Brahman is not differentiated from You. It is said in the Vedas that , God created us very much like him. Even the old testament of the Bible says," We were created in the image of God".All these thoughts have been swirling in my head many days now.The book stated our body as the temple of God, where the mind is considered the sanctum sanatorium ( Garbha gudi as we say it ) , and when i read it the immediate thought that came to my mind was the line from the Vachanas which says ,"Enna kaale kambhagalu dehave degula, shirave honna kalashavayya".
It might be all a mere coincidence but sometimes all these things link up making us think like the conspiracy theorists who search a clue in each and everything that comes across their line of sight.And like one of them i can keep babbling about all those things that comes to my mind when i go through this topic.
Coming to the main essence of the topic, i.e, "Are Ye Gods?" Here is a saying which is not uncommon. "God pervades in everything around us". Remember , when we were kids , our elders used to say to , Revere the God in Everyone. Thats the purpose of greeting everyone with the Namaskar folding both our hands together. If God pervades in everything ,then, What is God? Thats why I said if we put some thought into it , we realize that, what we say to be God is Energy .Energy is all pervading in all beings in the universe.Its energy that created matter. Thats why ,Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.And because we have energy within us we are considered God(which is a plural word)...On a different note, This mental energy capable of doing wonders must be harnessed with utmost care.Maybe its the reason behind why the enlightened sages and yogis observed meditation to preserve and handle the energy within them.. Coming to think of it now, This happens to be a very vast topic and cannot be contained in a single blog entry. :)

So,As a final note, I would say, All existance has a memory and a point at which it evolves.The point at which it evolves is Gods consciousness!The memory is where humans are, constantly trying to keep up.The more faith and knowledge someone has, the more positive they are on the existance scale therefore the closer they are to Gods consciousness (knowing). In life: That which lives in the most positive state is of the closet relative to a living God.

P.S : This entry is just a viewpoint i am willing to share with others, any other viewpoints are very much welcome..


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