23 November 2010

Difference between mind and mindset

“Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset”.

This quote by NRN has been buzzing in my brain from the last couple of days. Hence, this blog. :).
  So , what does this quote mean?
For that , we should know what the mind and mindset are. 

There is a fundamental difference between the mind and the mind set. Mind represents the intellect, mind allows you to do smart observations, smart analysis, smart synthesis etc. but it is the mind set, which determines your attitude and your approach to life.

But how do you determine that attitude?

A whole lot of beliefs and customs govern our lives and worse still, regulate or bind them. Many of these lead us to succeed in our goals in life while others strangle our growth and progress. Therefore when we choose our own lifestyle, we should be prepared to use our mind for sifting out good thoughts from the bad ones, which prevent us from taking our life forward.

In a much more subtle way , I can say, "Open the windows of your mind to let in fresh breezes of new ideas, new solutions."

  Exercise the right to define yourself. Forget the “What will people say?” syndrome and venture out to find your dream without fear or favor. It is your right to achieve the goals you set for yourself as long as they are not unethical or hurtful to your nation, community, family or yourself.

Remember, there is a tremendous potential each one of us has got. It’s only a question of discovering it. It is like Hanuman, who did not know what powers he had until Jambawant pointed out those powers to him. 

P.S : A closed mind is the worst enemy of good sense. :)


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