02 August 2010


After three months of WTH  training .....'m finally back to blogging business....

             5 months!!! long enuf to experience a lotta things..frm entering into a understanding that, a lot still remains to be added to my knowlege gained in my graduation and this is only the beginning...
            A new State, a new City, new ppl n surroundings.... a new language :P...  Wow!!!  I have to mention that u can hardly get an English word out of the local ppl's mouth here ...... even for getting a fork at a local hotel..... n it just shows how much Karnataka has Englished itself ,that lotsa ppl no longer knw the kannada equivalent of some of the words.... Languages apart , its a whole new world ,even if I'm a single state across.....n I have even made quite a few friends here..... But the main thing u shud knw is how much happiness u feel when u hear someone speaking ur own language!!!  just like this incident that happened sometime back....

                   I used to stay at a place thats about 20-30 mins from the office..(ryt now the office is an hour away..posting has been to a new office).... A well-known fact is,Auto-rickshaw drivers here are experts at making a fool outta you if u don't have the meter guide with you... So,what ppl near my apartment do is take a six seater rickshaw....its suppposed to be six-seater... but its just so shocking  that ten members can sit in an auto excluding the driver.... Two ppl on either side of the driver... four on the seats and four in the dicky or whatever the back seats are called..... Well, from trivia back to the story... Me n my roommates got into one of these rickshaws .... once we sat cozily settled down ourselves  of my roommates threw a question at me inquiring if  I had locked the apartment securly (in kannada).... the moment those words rang in everyones ear in the rickshaw, the guy sitting opposite to me surprisingly  said... "Kannadadora???!!!!!"  (exclamations added to show his surprise :P)... when we said yes...he looked as if he'd met some long lost friend of his.... the grin spread across his face and he appeared somewhat like a Smiley emoticon.... he was so happy that he talked throughout the journey to the office.....he admitted that he was dying to speak in kannada from a month n will look forward to more of such conversation with us.......after this incident , i have come across many such similar incidents of "kannadadora??"....n it gets so  funnier n funnier each tym that we have christened these incidents as "kannaddora??".. :D

            This is how i understood that even  things like these create  happiness and does not matter if the happiness comes in small packages as simple as these ...... n it also gives me some happiness n content  to realize  that I could make some stranger happy with a simple gesture of having a conversation..... :D


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