02 April 2008

ONE LYF !! KNW it....

Hi... back after a long tym.... i know..... actually , itz kinda hard to find tym for this when u r lik, enjoying every moment of yor life..... hmmm... life..... a gift in itself..... ever wondered why we like to live or what lyf is all bout??? crude question ??? confusing?? ..... yup!! lyf does dat to everyone.... but hav u actually thought bout it...??? ever wondered why??..... "whoz got da tym ,dude? "... might be one o' da reactions.....On da whole to me....My LIFE...... is kinda an experiment dat i've been doing frm all these years.... an experiment whose outcome gets better n better every tym.... helps u find yorself.... an experiment dat helps u discover what YOU are, rather than what u think u ARE....

Rose Of Life

I am unfolding gently beneath
your loving touch
I let wholeness breath my
petals free
Sweet fragrant Spirit touching
senses into life
Giving beauty back to the universe
Each petal, sweet miracle of life
We are hues of color, yet one
in Spirits blossom

This poem to me is saying that experiment with every moment of yor life... experiment , so dat each petal of life unfolds n unravels the secret that u do not know about YOU!!!


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